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The Womb Academy

The womb academy's mission is to help mothers or mothers to be to transform their motherhood story into a pleasurable and loving experience. The academy offers you valuable tools and irreplaceable knowledge and with your readiness and skillset we together pave the way for a confident journey into rewriting your motherhood experience of reality.

I offer life changing courses with revolutionary knowledge from ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic exercises in breathing, meditation and yoga. I offer trainings and tutorials in massage therapy, homeopathy and nutrition advice. And furthermore I offer 1:1 online immersions.

I believe that with your deep commitment, readiness and confidence together with my expertise  knowledge and the experiences that I carry, from thousands of other women through the journey of motherhood, we together can rewrite your experiences and you will feel yourself blossoming in a healing and awakening journey into your body and mind and find what your gifts really are.

Are you ready to engage in your body?

Are you ready to look beneath the surface?

Healing through natural ancient knowledge? 

Meditation, breathing and daily yogapractice are just some of the keywords to heal your traumas. 

To dig underneath the surface of our subtle shell - we need to connect with hour heart and allow ourselves to let go of the past experiences. This can be a rough path to travel on and we can be met with many emotions throughout this journey. With meditation, healing and yoga we clear the pathway and help remove the obstacles to reveal a path less rough.


With ancient knowledge from traditional Chinese medicin, Indian philosophy, homeopathy, reflexology and nutrition we are able to strengthen our body and its qi (energy) and harmonise the balance between our vital organs, yin and yang. With this valuable knowledge it opens a vivid window on how we perceive and relate to our body.


With the powerful tools within my courses you will possess the wisdom and ability to heal and treat yourself from various obstacles throughout  your entire life. And you will experience a transforming, unraveling journey into becoming the authentic you with the ability and power to heal your wounds with confidence..  

My name is Katja Maria


 I rewrote my motherhood story.

Yes this is true - I actually managed to rewrite my first motherhood story. A home birth that resultet in acute cesarean - I was devastated and I felt the same huge hollowness inside me as when I had lost my mother. It was difficult for me to talk to anyone - because how could I allow my self to be sad, when I had a healthy lovely boy in my arm?

But I rewrote that story, I got help from my guru in acupuncture who helped me back to a position where I could start treating my self. And I did this everyday. I treated my selfing in different ways with different techniques like acupressure, exercises, breathing, meditation and so. 


More about Katja Maria
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Would you like to rewrite your story?

  • Are you unhappy with the results of your delivery?
  • Do you feel depressed or have anxiety?
  • Have you gone through a miscarriage  or an abortion?
  • Do you have pain during pregnancy?
  • Do you feel nausea?
  • Do you have lack of energy?
  • Do you wish that you had the tools and knowledge to change your circumstances
  • Are you ready to change your circumstances?

Get startet as soon as possible - the faster you get startet the faster you will reach your goal .

Do you have any questions please reach out

I would be more than happy to answer all your questions. 

Katja Grøøne - the womb