My Name Is Katja Maria

 And I have devoted my life to help mothers rewrite their motherhood stories. First when you have experienced pain -physical or mentally it can mainfest in the body. This manifestation can, without the correct treatment, evolve and become domineering in your life. 

I know that there is multiple techniques  to change this manifestation. You just need to understand your body a little better.

Since 2001 I did everything my parents told me not to do. I dropped out of college and started what some would call an alternative education. I was interested in working with my body, understanding my body and seeking answers to my feelings and why my body would ache. I was 18 years old and I had my own calling.

I worked from early morning, studied in the evening and partied in the night. I feared missing out and loved learning everything. So I took first one education, then another, and another, I started my own business, took another education, I partied, I laughed, I cried, I took another education, I prayed, I dived, I travelled, I took several courses, I meditated, I took another education, I lost my mom, I grieved, I cried, I met my man, I healed, I travelled, I studied, I had a miscarriage, I grieved, I healed, I travelled, I studied, I meditated, I breathed, I became pregnant, I had a cesarean, I cried of joy and love,  I cried from grief, I became a mother,  I received help, I healed, I learned, I meditated, I laughed, I healed, I became pregnant, I cared, I meditated, I loved, I delivered with all the power from the universe, I thanked the universe, I laughed, I loved, I learned, I studied, I closed my business, I birthed the womb, I worked, I prayed, I meditated, I laughed, I cried, I loved.

And here I am. Filled with gratefulness for my life, for my family, for my knowledge and for my experiences. 

And all I wish for now is to give some of this on to you.

From one mother to another.

Katja Grøøne - the womb 


This Is Where I Got My Knowledge

2021: Certified Yoga instructor - Copenhagen, Denmark

2021: Master Tung Acupuncture techniques - Copenhagen, Denmark

2021: Homeopathy and motherhood - Ontario, Canada

2016-20: Certified classical homeopath - Copenhagen, Denmark

2019: Acupuncture and scar-tissue - Copenhagen, Denmark

2018: Acupuncture and paediatrics - Copenhagen, Denmark

2015: Mei Zen cosmetic acupunture - Los Angeles, USA

2015: Cosmetic Acupuncture - Copenhagen, Denmark

2008-10: Certified TCM acupuncturist - Copenhagen, Denmark

2009: Certified nutrition and diet - Copenhagen, Denmark

2008: Certified Thai Yoga therapist  - Barcelona, Spain

2007: Certified Ayurvedic medic and yoga instructor, Coimbatore, India

2006: Certified Acu Nova - Copenhagen, Denmark

2005: Certified reflexologist - Copenhagen, Denmark

2003: Certified Massage therapist - deep tissue, shiatsu, classical - Copenhagen. Denmark

2001: Certified personal trainer, Massage therapist - Copenhagen, Denmark

I Rewrote My Motherhood Stories