CESAREAN - early recovery program.

Tools for early postpartum recovery.

Are you having a c-section og have you just had on?

Then this course will be highly beneficial for you.

If you are ready to invest in yourself then I have the powerful tools that you need for faster recovery after c-section. 

The program is designed so you can start treating yourself from the very first day after surgery. 

With gentle tools you can give the area around the incision area a gentle treatment.

With breathing a meditation you reconnect with you nervous system and resets the mind and body. 

Do you want this:

  1. More energy?
  2. To increase the process of healing?
  3. To increase your wellbeing and acceptance of the situation?
  4. Decrease inflammation, irritability, numbness and thick scarring?
  5. Spend more happy precious time with your baby?

Then you need to get started. The very first phase during the actual healing of the incision is precious - and there is so much you can do, But not many knows that this is actually a possibility. So dont hesitate and give yourself and your precious baby the very best beginning of your new chapter in life. 

You use these techniques and exercises all through the very first months after c-setion and further into motherhood. 

This is what's in the program:

  • Ancient and powerfull knowledge from traditional chinese medicine to raise energy levels and speed up the healingprocess
  • More than 2 hours of valuable and powerful knowledge
  • an understanding of what happens in the body after c-section
  • the tools to increase blood flow and qi stimulation in the area og the incision.
  • breathing exercises 
  • meditation exercises
  • location and descriptions of acupressure points to gain energy
  • access to the womb-unity to share experiences wit other women in similar or the same situation
  • the greatest email service - so dont hesitate to ask questions
  • the possibility for 1:1 zoom immersion with Katja Maria (50% off your first consultation)
  • BONUS section - techniques to promote lactation
  • 48 hours full money back return

I congratulate you for taken the time to invest in yourself in this very precious period in you life. You definitely deserve the wellbeing and the comfort gained through this program. 

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