Breastfeeding after Cesarean


There is several reasons why breast milk is insufficient or why the production is slow. Especially if you have experienced an acute cesarean, which is often more straining for the body and for some more painful than an expected cesarean.

Firstly, the body needs energy to start the milk production and you might have been several hours in labor? You may even have reached the delivery phase? Therefore, it is not surprising that the body is lacking energy.  There is the cesarian section itself, which is extremely energy draining as well. And you might have lost a lot of blood and you could be in an anaemic state. You have probably been given medications which is also hard on the body and the liver is working to cleanse the blood. And then there is the pain - the pain in the scar tissue, the pain in the body, in the shoulders, neck and head?

The body is cleansing, it's healing, it's coping with so much right now - and it makes a lot of sense that it is tired and you probably feel that.

The body must understand that it has given birth - you must understand that you've given a cesarean birth. And this can be difficult to accept and understand. 

What is happening?

In Chinese medicine it is said that the milk is the same as blood, or it is actually the same organs that are used to form milk and blood. Therefore it can be difficult for the body to compensate for the certain amount of blood lost while producing milk. These are also the same organs which produce Qi (energy) in the body. And at the same time the probability that there are medications the body is very high. Medication reduces the body’s ability to produce Qi in the body.

So with these 3 factors: 1.blood loss, 2. lack of energy and 3. medications, it is against all odds for the body to produce milk!


How to help the body's production of milk!?

Many Chinese methods support your body’s resources of milk production.

The example might be the stimulation of acupuncture points, which strengthens the weakened organs to form new Qi in the body, form new and nutritious blood and help your body to cleanse medications. This way we can give the body a helping hand and a proper boost so it can find energy to form milk.

Diet also has a HUGE impact on milk production.

You might think you are supposed to have plenty of vitamins and minerals and therefore eat salads, fruits and juices. This is not necessarily appropriate. In fact, this often creates a negative effect!

Your body needs warm and easily digestible diet.

It does not need to waste the energy to digest raw food. Nor doesitneed to spend energy heating fruit, juice and salad to the body’s temperature. The body is already working at high pressure and diet should not strain it even more. Therefore, a change in your diet can also have a huge impact on milk production.


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