The Womb programs

Nurture Your Baby with the Best Possible Milk - A Holistic Breastfeeding Approach Rooted in Ancient Wisdom

DKK 888.00 (including 25% moms)
DKK 266.00 (including 25% moms)

Unlock the power of natural lactation promotion with our holistic program.

Gain access to ancient Chinese wisdom, modern techniques, nurturing advice, delicious recipes, and over 3 hours of video content to produce strong and nourished breast milk.

Say goodbye to breastfeeding fears and embrace motherhood fully.

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Tools for early postpartum recovery.

DKK 444.00 (including 25% moms)

Speed up your c-section recovery phase with natural, gentle and most effective tools. 

A nutrition guide for womben in general from a chinese medicine perspective.

DKK 70.40 (+ 25% moms)